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4             Editorial

           The Government`s                                                                           Issue  26
                                                                                                         Year 5

           Paradigm shift                                                                             Feb-Mar


         Many can appreciate that the country is going through a lot of changes in terms of
         policy formulation and investment .It’s a paradigm shift. A shift towards diversifying the   Team
         economy to be knowledge based and create employment through support of SMEs.  Pubishing Company            : Info Age Holdings
         Not too long ago major investment was in the mining sector but now the new 2020/21   Editorial                : Zeph Kajevhu
         budget has allocated Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry P1.07 billion and Tertiary                                                   : Reason  Itumetse
         Education Research Science and Technology P4.89 billion.Tertiary education is sure to                     : Katlego Sibanda
         spearhead this new revolution in terms of research as it comes up with innovation and   Digital Strategy &Design   :  Blessing Chisambi
         creative means as well as churn out future business people into the economy.   Marketing & Advertising  : Gerald Mazikana  Botswana Insurance Company

                                                                                                            : Selma Molao
                                                                                     Distribution              : Engineer Magazine  engineers in Botswana
         In this issue University Of Botswana has acquired a bio-diesel plant to produce fossil
         fuel as alternative to the other types of fuel such as coal, petrol and diesel. This project
         if timeous and successful will be able to cut Botswana imports of petroleum products   Contributors/Acknowledgement
                                                                                                                               continues to develop industry
         through  the  Republic  of  South  Africa  and  other  neighboring  countries.  This  high
                                                                                                                             related insurance products for
         dependence on energy imports is costly in terms of foreign currency outflows and also     Professor Chikuni -Botho University
                                                                                     TRM Group
         challenges energy security and fuel supply consistency.                    Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery
                                                                                    Electra Mining Botswana
         The  Botswana  University  of  Science  and  Technology  also  has  intent  to  change  the     Botswana Insurance Company PR
         landscape  of  its  home  town,  Palapye.  Professor  Totolo  through  geo-referencing  and     Capconferences - BRSC
         drone  technology  seeks  to  improve  delivery  of  medication  to  locals  who  are  less     Women Engineers Botswana
                                                                                     BH Botswana - JCB Products and Services
         privileged and elderly through a SMART Approach. Innovative SMART technologies are
         surely to come our way from BIUST.                                          Contact Us

         Save  the  date  for  the  Capital  Resource  Conference  set  for  the  8th  and  9th  of  June   Landline          : +267 3111123
         2020.We are media partners to one of the longest running events in the mining sector.   Cellphone       : +267  73934694
         Engineer Magazine as always welcomes its new readers and advertisers and hope we will   Mobile             : +267  72440788
         continue going forward. This publication is indeed self-funded and driven by passion. We   Email:
         therefore urge engineers locally to contribute in any way to the growth of this publication      
         as it serves the industry well by disseminating information. Engineers can contribute      
         opinions, articles or reviews to share with peers in the sector like what Professor Chikuni
         has done under the Technically speaking sector.Kudos to him for the support. Companies   Locate Us     :  Plot 87, Unit 5
         can advertise with us through  print publication and online. Currently our website is                             Commerce Park,Gaborone
         going through an upgrade and we intend it to be more informative and a one-stop search                            Botswana
         for the engineering sector.                                                                          (opposite Skip Hire)

         Send us feedback please !!! We welcome any criticism and suggestions that can help us   Online Presence
         to be your magazine of choice. Email us on any of our accounts, watsapp to 73934694 or   FaceBook :  Engineer Magazine Botswana
         call us for instant assistance.                                            Website  :
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        Issue 26  Feb-Mar  2020       
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