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Feature                       9

        Consideration,  with  large  contracts,
        should  be  given  to  requiring  project
        specific  Professional  Indemnity  cover
        with  an  adequate  limit  and  run  off
        period following the completion of the

        Nobody  can  predict  exactly  what  the
        future  has  in  store  but  to  this  end
        we  have  a  specialist  division  that  is
        continually developing new products to
        keep abreast with the evolving needs of
        both commerce and industry of which
        engineering,  mining  and  construction
        forms a part.

        The  Chief  Executive  Officer  in  relation
        to the future of BIC in terms of Insure
        Tech said that BIC continuously searches
        for new types of innovative technology,
        including AI (Artificial Intelligence), new
        devices  and  new  integrated  software
        that makes life better for our staff and
        customers.  Its  all  about  the  Customer
        Experience and Cost to Serve, these two
        factors, alongside the need for business
        sustainability  are  the  main  drivers  of
        innovation.  BIC  has  won  a  reputation
        in  the  Botswana  market  as  an  insurer
        that finds a reason to pay a valid claim,
        not  ways  to  repudiate  it.  We  want
        customers  to  experience  the  benefits
        of insuring with BIC, and to be able to
        “Trust the Bull”.
            “             Contactors,

                      Engineers and
                  Principals are not
              insurance specialists
                    hence there is a
                     need for closer

                   cooperation with
          insurance specialists at
            various times during a
               contract’s life span.

                                                         Issue 26  Feb-Mar  2020
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