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otswana  Insurance  Company  has  strong  business
                                                                  fundamentals that has put the organisation in a leading
                                                            Bposition to respond to client’s needs and industry trends.
                                                             With a sound reputation, Botswana Insurance Company Limited
                                                             (BIC)  is  the  longest  serving  short  term  insurance  provider  in
                                                             Botswana since its inception in 1975.

                                                             Botswana  Insurance  Company  has  been  able  to  maintain  a
                                                             leading  role  in  the  insurance  industry  in  Botswana  over  the
                                                             last 45 years by offering a full range of insurance products that
                                                             are  both  innovative  and  flexible.  The  offered  products  cater
                                                             for  the  various  sectors;  from  individual  needs  to  corporate
                                                             and parastatals. Customers enjoy a range of access points to
                                                             BIC including branches in Gaborone, Francistown and Maun;
                                                             a fully enabled and interactive website, brokers located across
                                                             Botswana  and  a  direct  sales  team  consisting  of  15  trained
                                                             insurance specialists.

                                                             The company is headed by Mr Newton Jazire who joined BIC
                                                             in the first quarter of 2018 succeeding Mr. Johann Claasen. He
                                                             summarised his journey thus far by saying ,‘” Over the past two
                                                             years, the most important focus was to stabilise and energise
                                                             the team that makes up BIC. As you know, people can make or
                                                             break a company. It was therefore my priority to build a team of
                                                             strong and talented team players, which were able to “Delight”
                                                             our customers on a daily basis. Our financial performance over
                                                             the last two years demonstrates the confidence our customers
                                                             and the broader market has in BIC. As the CEO of BIC, it has
                                                             been a highlight of my career to lead the “Turnaround” strategy
                                                             for BIC, which has been incredibly successful. The “turnaround”
                                                             strategy  included  the  successful  rebrand  of  BIC  and  the
                                                             associated awareness in the market. Between 2018 and 2019,
                                                             we grew our premium base almost 6 times that of the local
                                                             economic  growth,  confirming  our  leadership  position  in  the
                                                             Botswana Insurance Market. My future vision for BIC includes
                                                             an innovative digitalisation programme that will make it easier
                                                             for our clients to be serviced by BIC, as well as providing new
                                                             products and services as part of our quest to “Make Life Better”
                                                             for our customers, staff and stakeholders.”

                                                             The  Botswana  government  has  prioritised  infrastructure
                                                             development  as  a  key  facilitator  of  economic  growth  and
                                                             diversification. This has resulted in the use of new technological
                                                             innovations, regulatory changes and the influx of new project
                                                             delivery  methods.  The  result  of  all  this  industry  change  has
                                                             necessitated  contractors  to  have  access  to  tailored  coverage
                                                             and specialized resources to meet their unique project needs.
                                                             Botswana  Insurance  Company  provides  flexible,  customised,
                                                             structured  and  packaged  insurance  solutions  at  competitive
                                                             terms  for  engineering  projects  by  providing  comprehensive
                                                             covers  and  services  for  construction  and  erection  projects.
                                                             BIC offers engineering solutions for small, medium and large
                                                             projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, mines, chemical plants,
                                                             refineries  and  any  type  of  power  generation  plant.  Whether
                                                             you are a general contractor, speciality trade or joint venture/
              Botswana  Insurance Company CEO                owner/developer,  BIC  covers  your  wide  range  of  needs.  The
                      Mr Newton Jazire
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