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                                                                                100 million


                                                                                project :


                           Artistic Impression of Airport City

             EZA held a signing ceremony for  Boulevard 1 Road is the gateway that will  on time and within budget. We Promise
             the  Boulevard  1  Road  contract.  open access to a number of precincts in  we will not be found wanting. At peak
        SThis P100 million project has been  the  SSKIA-SEZ,  among  them  Edge  City,  150 jobs will be created and this does
        awarded to Bothakga Burrow.         Techno Hub, the Industrial precinct and  not include subcontractors who will be
                                            Logistics.                          appointed.”
        The project entails the detailed design,
        infrastructure   development   and  SEZA’s  Acting  Chief  Executive  Officer   What is SEZA?
        construction of Boulevard 1 Road at the  Mr  Thatayaone  Ndzinge  said  it  was  a
        Sir Seretse Khama International Airport  proud moment for SEZA that the project   SEZA  stands  for  Special  Economic
        (SSKIA)  Special  Economic  Zone  (SEZ).  had  been  awarded  to  a  citizen  owned   Zones  Authority.  It  is  a  parastatal
        This  will  be  the  first  step  towards  the  company.  He  urged  the  contractor  to   under  the  Ministry  of  Investment
        Airport City.                       ensure the project is completed in time,   Trade and Industry. It was empowered
                                            within  budget  and  to  the  expected   by  the  Special  Economic  Zones
        The  project  will  include  construction  standards of workmanship.     (SEZs)  Act,  2015.Its  establishment
        of  a  1.8  kilometre  dual  carriage  way  He also said that People need to justify   was mainly to develop, regulate and
        with five internal junctions and one live  why  SEZA  exists.  The  institution  will   manage  special  economic  zones  in
        junction  at  Airport  Road.  Boulevard  1  be  focusing  on  infrastructure  and   Botswana.
        Road will connect with Airport Road just  developments  on  SEZs.On  the  31st  of
        next to DTCB.                       March, a ground breaking ceremony will   What are Special Economic Zones
                                            be  held  to  kick-start  the  development   (SEZs)?
        An  entrance  feature  with  a  security  and  by  the  31st  of  September    the
        post  and  high  quality  barriers  will  be  contractor  will  hand  over  the  project.   SEZs  are  geographically  delineated
        built  where  the  two  roads  meet.  The  Project runs for 6 months. An area of 100   area,  usually  physically  secured.
        entrance  feature  will  also  be  styled  hectares has been allocated for Airport   It  has  single  management  or
        to  depict  signature  entrance  into  the  city, approximately size of the CBD. SEZA   administration and offers benefits for
        SSKIA-SEZ.                          Already have some investors willing to   investors physically within the zones.
        The  project  will  also  incorporate  an  setup in 6 months after completion.  These  areas  also  have  separate
        urban  design  scheme  for  provision  of                                customs  area  (duty-free  benefits)  &
        underground services like water, waste  The  Head  of  Bothakgo  Burrows  Mr   streamlined procedures.
        water,  surface  water,  fibre,  power,  Siwawa concluded by saying that, “we
        lighting, smart city ducting and CCTV.   are committed to delivering the project   These  special  zones  are  beneficial
                                                                                 in  that  they  attract  Foreign  Direct

        Issue 26  Feb-Mar  2020       
        Issue 26  Feb-Mar  2020
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