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12             In The News

                           BIUST to turn Palapye

                                    into a smart city

      Professor Otlogetswe Totolo
      The Vice Chancellor - Botswana
      International University of Technology

                                                   he  Botswana  International   and  enthusiastic  than  ever  over  the
                                                   University of Technology has to   prospect  of  the  University.  At  the  last
                                             Tbe one of the most promising      graduation  ceremony,  he  told  the
                                             universities  in  Southern  Africa.  The   guests  that  quality  and  maintenance
                                             University  has  over  2000  students   of high academic standards is the main
                                             enrolled  in  different  technology  and   currency  of  the  University  on  which  it
                                             Engineering degrees.               builds  its  reputation  and  its  long  term
                                             The   Vice   Chancellor   Professor   Such a vision speaks volumes in terms
                                             Otlogetswe Totolo is more optimistic   of  the  future  of  the  university  and

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